'Here Again' - Elevation Worship Live Performance

‘As I walk now through the valley
Let Your love rise above every fear
Like the sun shaping the shadow
In my weakness Your glory appears
I'm not enough unless You come
Will You meet me here again
'Cause all I want is all You are
Will You meet me here again’

When we start to let fear take over our lives, it can truly turn everything upside down. Fear will make us believe things that aren’t true and try to force us apart from the Lord. But it’s in those times that it is so important to remember that God is always with us and He will never abandon us. His strength lives through us and He walks with us each step of the way. Be reminded of this as you listen to the powerful lyrics of ‘Here Again’ from Elevation Worship.

This incredible group truly knows how to worship the Lord and the words of this song will touch your heart. Every now and then, times will get dark but these lyrics will remind you that God the light that will always guide us home. There is so much passion and power behind this performance that you can truly feel God’s strength wash over you.

We serve a mighty and powerful God. Fear may try to break us down, but with the Lord beside us, fear doesn't stand a chance. God is always with us and that is reason enough to sing of His praises. Who else is saying amen with me right now?

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