John Crist Shares Honest Fixer Upper Thoughts

John Crist Shares Honest Fixer Upper Thoughts

We have all seen our fair share of ‘Fixer Upper’ episodes by now. Chip and Joanna Gaines have become household names and their unique style of renovation captured the hearts of America. And their signature touches have inspired design trends all over. Even though each home has a personal touch, there are still some items that Chip and Joanna are known for.

Today, our favorite Christian comedian, John Crist, is poking a little fun at America’s number one renovation couple and it is absolutely hilarious. John always has a way of coming up with the most funny skits and jokes and this one is no different. Some of them I was expecting, but there were definitely some surprises along the way. I was laughing out loud when he started talking about open floor plans and all of the shiplap.

These are definitely things we also see on Fixer Upper and it’s a trend that everyone wants now. This preacher’s kid loves Chip and Joanna as much as the rest of us, so his jokes are all in good fun. And you have got to admit, he definitely has a point with some of these.

This clean comedian always brings the laughs no matter what he is talking about. I sure don’t know where he comes up with this stuff but I hope he’s got more where that came from. What did you think about his honest thoughts on ‘Fixer Upper?’ Were you laughing out loud as much as I was?

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Posted by John Crist on Thursday, August 23, 2018