13-Year-Old Blind Pianist Gets Sweet Surprise On Little Big Shots

13-Year-Old Blind Pianist Gets Sweet Surprise On Little Big Shots

Inspirational blind pianist Ethan Loch gets sweet surprise on Little Big Shots UK. Ethan was just 18 months old when he started to play the piano. Even though he never had the ability to see, Ethan always had an ear for music.

At three and half, this child prodigy had already mastered Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata. Over the years, Ethan has performed all over and he leaves the audience in awe every single time.

Now, at the age of thirteen, this talented teen is appearing on the British version of Little Big Shots. This popular program showcases children and their incredible talent. These skilled performers come from every corner of the world and it is truly amazing to see them shine.

Before Ethan is set to inspire the audience, he sits down with host Dawn French to share his amazing story. As he talks about his life and interests, he mentions that he is a big fan of the Harry Potter books. Ethan would listen to the audiobooks that were read by Stephen Fry and also became a fan of the popular comic. Dawn decided to reach out to Fry and he sent Ethan the most incredible message before his performance.

What an amazing surprise for this talented young teen. Ethan has already accomplished so much in a few short years and I cannot wait to see what the future holds for this inspirational pianist. I hope he continues to use his gift and share music with the world. Who else is in awe of this teen?