Husband Gives Wife Of 67 Years New Wedding Ring

Husband Gives Wife Of 67 Years New Wedding Ring

the original. 85-year-old Patricia May Johnson was devastated when she lost her beloved engagement diamond. Patricia injured her hand at her nursing home and her fingers became too swollen to wear her rings. She placed them in her jewelry box, but soon after they went missing.

When Christmas rolled around, Patricia’s husband, Don, asked his daughter to take him shopping for a replacement engagement ring and wedding band. So they wrapped up the precious gift and waited until it was time to exchange presents. With the camera rolling, Patricia opens up the package.

At first, she’s in disbelief and even thinks it may be a gift from the dollar store. But when she realizes that this is a real ring from a nice jeweler, she immediately covers her mouth in awe. That is when the tears started to flow from everyone in the room.

This couple has been married for 67 years and their love for each other shines through. Even though a ring does not define their relationship, the gesture of replacing this special item was an incredibly thoughtful moment.

In this day and age, it is rare for a couple to be together for this long and it is even more rare for them to still be so in love. What a touching moment from such a beautiful couple. Who else hopes for a relationship like Patricia and Don?