Security Cam Shows Dogs Helping Toddler Escape

Security Cam Shows Dogs Helping Toddler Escape

Early one morning, this mother was super surprised to see her 15-month-old daughter walking around the hallway. The toddler is suppose to be in bed and her door is always kept closed, so Mom was confused as to what was going on.

That’s when the parents decided to take a look back at the security camera to see what actually happened. And when they spotted how this little tot made her grand escape, you’ll be absolutely stunned. Just watch as the family’s 2 golden retrievers enter the room and immediately run to this little girl’s bed.

Evidently, one of the dogs has learned to open doors and the family has caught this on tape before. And recently, the toddler has been giving the dogs food. I guess these 2 furry friends woke up hungry and figured that this sweetheart would be their best option for an early morning snack. I just love how they run right up to her to wake up her up from sleep.

Then, they guide her outside of the room so that they can get some food. Dogs are so smart and this video is the perfect example. They knew what they wanted and exactly where they could get it.

I’m not sure what is more surprising though, the dog opening the door or the fact that they knew the little girl would feed them. I bet this was quite a surprise for the parents but it definitely gave me a chuckle. Has your fur baby ever done anything like this before?

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