Momma Cow Asks Stranger To Help Her Baby Calf

Momma Cow Asks Stranger To Help Her Baby Calf

Dave was driving down the road when he spotted some cows and beautiful pasture. He decided to stop and do a little bit of filming. That's when he noticed one of the cows was acting agitated by scraping the ground and making lots of noises.

The cow, named Flo, started to moo at Dave and was being very persistent. As he approached Flo, he noticed newborn calf in the long grass.

Evidently, Flo had delivered the calf recently and it was born on a slope between the pond and the fence. Somehow, the baby had slid down the slope and became trapped outside the field. Dave knew that he needed to get the calf back to his momma but he didn't want to do anything to anger the mom. So, he decided to lift the wires of the fence and push the calf underneath and towards his momma.

Thankfully, Dave was able to reunite the two and they went off into the pasture together. This kind stranger then went to the farmer and his wife to let them know what had just happened.

They were so thankful for Dave's help that they even asked if he wanted to stay while they treated the newborn calf and tagged his ear. I'm so glad this stranger was able to help out and reunite these mother and calf.