Little Girl Snuggles With Puppy

There is truly no bond like the one between a little girl and her pet, especially if it is a well-loved puppy like this one. Just watch as sweet Maisa cannot seem to get enough of her four-legged sister, Milonga.

The two of them are leaning against the edge of the couch sharing a special moment and it's absolutely precious to witness. Maisa hugs Milonga repeatedly and then she smiles and laughs. You can obviously tell that this darling little girl really loves her puppy. The dog does not seem bothered at all about by the abundance of love and attention, in fact, she looks like the really enjoys it.

I just love when Maisa places a huge kiss on her head and hugs her over and over again. This sweet puppy is definitely living the life with her human sister and I can tell that these two are going to be the best of friends for years to come. It is the most adorable thing!

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