THE MEDIATOR - Bible Actors 2003 (Premiere Performance)

THE MEDIATOR - Bible Actors 2003 (Premiere Performance)

Bible Actors premiere performance of The Mediator, newly restored from a 2003 VHS archive!

In the fifteen years since this first presentation, The Mediator has been refined and improved, performed by multiple casts, and viewed by thousands.

In February of 2003, Bible Actors Productions premiered their original human video The Mediator at a local youth group. The response was incredible! Since then the seven minute allegory of the gospel (set to Kutless' hit Your Touch) has been performed more than 60 times.

The drama paints a clear picture of the barrier of sin that separates God and Man and explains, without words, that Jesus sacrificed himself to bridge that gap and bring us back to our Creator.

For there is only one God and one Mediator who can reconcile God and man, He is the Man Christ Jesus, who gave Himself as a ransom for all. [1 Timothy 2:5]

Bible Actors toured with The Mediator throughout 2003-04 and 2008-10. It has also been performed by several overseas missions teams and is still revived regularly by the Bible Actors allowing many thousands of people to hear the message of God’s justice, love and forgiveness.

If your group is interested in performing The Mediator please contact us and we'll be happy to provide you with rehearsal notes and an updated performance track. [Copyright ©️2003 by Bible Actors Productions.]


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