Babies Who Love Food

Babies Who Love Food

Most babies love to eat and some can even get very passionate about their food. From their love for a certain dish or utter dislike, a baby will not hide their true emotions.

Some of my favorite videos on the internet are infants trying different types of foods and this incredible video is a compilation of some of these best clips around. There's definitely a range of emotion throughout the video from excited faces to calm, cool and collected.

I love when the babies start to jump up and down or get the food all over themselves because they want it so bad. I found myself laughing harder and harder with each new clip, but the last one gave me the biggest smile. Babies are such a precious gift from God and I'm so glad that these sweet moments of joy and happiness were captured on camera.

Babies and meals

Babies and meals 😘

Posted by NTD Funniest on Tuesday, February 6, 2018