13-Week-Old Says 'I Love You' To Mom

13-Week-Old Says 'I Love You' To Mom

It was a sweet moment captured on camera when this 13-week-old says ‘I Love You’ to her mother.

Even before they are born, babies create an incredible bond with their mother. For nine months, these two build a relationship based on trust, protection and lots of love and care. And when a mother finally meets their baby in the outside world for the first time, it’s truly a special moment.

There’s no denying that the connection between a mother and their child is unique. And this little baby may be young, but she’s ready to show Mom just how much she truly means to her.

From day one, 13-week-old Ellie had her mom and dad wrapped around her little fingers. Not only is she downright adorable, but she’s very smart for such a new baby. Just watch as mom Claire sweetly holds her little girl in her arms.

She starts saying 'I love you' to the precious babe and, to her surprise, Ellie says it right back to her. The biggest smile spreads across Claire's face and she absolutely lights up at her smart and caring baby.

I had to watch this one a couple of times but it definitely sounds like Ellie says 'I love you' too. I am so glad that this sweet moment was caught on camera and they can look back at this memory for a lifetime. There’s truly nothing like feeling the love from your child.

Don’t you agree? Who else loves this adorable conversation?

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