Story Behind Chris Tomlin's 'Resurrection Power'

When we hand our hearts over to God, we are given a whole new life and the most amazing future in Heaven. God sent His only Son down from Heaven to die for our sins and now we are all saved.

This was such a priceless gift and we are all blessed each and every day for the love from our Father. That's exactly what the powerful lyrics of 'Resurrection Power' from Chris Tomlin reminds us of. Now, we can listen to this beautiful song and learn the incredible story of how it came to life.

I always love hearing how worship songs were written and what the artist was feeling at the time. This behind the scenes look is truly incredible. Once we walk with Jesus, our old life is over and we are given a new start. We can begin on the road to salvation and spread His message across the land. These special words truly touched a place in my heart.

Chris Tomlin always knows just the right words to sing to give praise to His name. I'm so glad that I can join my voice in worship to the Lord.

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