Cello Performance Of 'My Heart Will Go On'

The talented men of 2CELLOS never cease to amaze me with their music and cello skills. Every single time that they perform, I am in complete awe. It truly takes patience and talent to execute each note so perfectly.

Today, these 2 men are performing one of the most iconic songs in recent years 'My Heart Will Go On.' Celine Dion made this song famous when she recorded it for the major motion picture 'Titanic.' Since then, countless artists have covered the tune and put their unique spin on it. 2CELLOS decided to give this special song the cello treatment and it's absolutely amazing.

This is the perfect way to compliment this classic song. And I could listen to the sound that they produce over and over again. I'm so glad these men have banded together to perform such amazing and joyful music. With talent like this, I can't wait to see what they do next.

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