10 Family Members Sing Les Miserables Musical In Their Living Room

10 Family Members Sing Les Miserables Musical In Their Living Room

The LaBaron Family goes viral after their incredible living room performance of ‘One More Day’ from Les Miserables.

There's no doubt that this big family is beyond talented. Just watch as 10 adults all come together to stand in the living room for an incredible rendition of 'One More Day' from the musical Les Mis.

This iconic song has been performed over and over again but this family truly adds their own special touch.

“One day more.
Another day, another destiny.
This never-ending road to Calvary.
These men who seem to know my crime
Will surely come a second time.
One day more!”

I was already stunned when the first voices started to sing but I couldn't believe the talent that every sing one of these family members possessed. It's obvious the family is having a great time belting out this tune and the smiles are truly contagious.

“I did not live until today.
How can I live when we are parted?
One day more.”

I think the whole family could put on a production of this play. There's so much talent and even the younger ones look like they are getting into it. No wonder this living room production is going viral all over the Internet.

In fact, the video has been viewed over 10 million times and that number continues to grow. This is such an amazing way to bond as a family and inspire others to do the same. What do you think of this family and their Sunday evening fun?

Anyone looking to do Les Miserables for their next show? Better yet...anyone looking for an entire cast? This is "One Day More." For casting, please see below: Valjean: Jayson LeBaron Marius: Jordon LeBaron Cosette: Angela Garrett LeBaron Eponine: Karina LeBaron Enjolras: Juston LeBaron Madame Thenardier: Heidi LeBaron Garn Thenardier: Gerald J LeBaron, Spencer Garn Javert: Landon LeBaron Ghost of Fantine: Kaitlyn Hipwell I love Sunday nights with the fam!

Posted by Jordon LeBaron on Monday, April 2, 2018

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