Boy Smiles After Seeing Parents For First Time

Boy Smiles After Seeing Parents For First Time

Sweet little Christian is in for a big surprise. This precious baby hasn't been able to see clearly since he was born. But today, he is getting an adorable pair of baby glasses.

Just watch as Christian puts on his new spectacles and gets a glimpse at his parents for the first time. And when his parents ask him, "Do you like your new glasses?", Christian gives them the biggest grin.

I just love watching this sweet boy see the world around him. And Christian's dad was right there to capture this beautiful moment on camera. It's going to be amazing when one day Christian gets to see this footage!

Baby Wears Glasses For the First Time

Watching this baby see clearly for the first time with his glasses will melt your heart.

Posted by PopSugar Moms on Wednesday, November 8, 2017

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