'Mary Did You Know?' - Anthem Lights Performs Christmas Hymn

The talented gentlemen of Anthem Lights always give their all when they worship the Lord. They certainly have a God-given talent for performing and it's absolutely amazing to hear them lift up His name in praise.

Today, these men are joining their voices together for a special Christmas performance of 'Mary, Did You Know?' And when you hear their chilling rendition, you can't help but say amen. This classic hymn is beloved by all this time of year. The lyrics truly remind you of how miraculous and life-changing the birth of Christ really was.

When you really listen to the words, it will remind you of the real reason for the season. Jesus' birth paved the way for our salvation and eternal life in Heaven. I'm so thankful that Mary answered the call from God and helped bring our Saviour into the world. Amen!

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