Back To Christmas' - Lawson Bates Sings True Meaning Of Christmas

Jesus Christ is the true reason for the season and we should never forget that. Sometimes, Christmas can become so hectic that we forget to take time to pause and remember this important fact. All around us we see people rushing from stop to stop and worried about buying the latest and greatest gift.

Christian artist Lawson Bates has seen this time and time again and that's what inspired this special tune 'Back To Christmas.' Set against a beautiful church backdrop, these beautiful lyrics remind us of what Christmas is all about. I think getting back to the true reason of this holiday is something we can all agree needs to happen in the world.

I'm so glad that this talented man is singing about Christ this Christmas. I'm going to be sure to take pause and reflect on our Father's amazing sacrifice by sending His only Son to die for our sins. The birth of Jesus Christ is truly the ultimate Christmas gift.

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