Contestant Sings 'Amazing Grace' On Live TV

Brooke Simpson has been impressing the audience and judges all season long on The Voice. There's something about her raw vocals that truly strikes a chord with everyone. During this Top 10 performance, Brooke is stepping on stage for a stripped down rendition of 'Amazing Grace.'

This gospel song is one of the most popular hymns of all-time and it's been performed by thousands of artists over the years. Brooke definitely gives this song the respect it deserves. Just listen as she starts out by singing a cappella and then slowly the band starts to chime in. When you have lyrics this powerful, you don't need a whole lot of extras to go along with it. And with a voice like Brooke's, this was the perfect song to showcase her skills.

There's no doubt that the entire crowd was in awe of this performance. There's so much emotion and talent all rolled up into this hymn that I had to listen to it again. Brooke is definitely a standout contestant this season. What do you think of this hymn performance on live television?

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