Something Beautiful!

Something Beautiful!

During the time that I have lived in Statesboro, GA, I have had the privilege helping a couple of churches to be established before moving on to God's current call on my life...ministry to some who will never go to church, Computer Techs/Afficionados/Autistics...all of whom seem to communicate best through the internet.

This two minute promotional spot highlights Believers Church during one of its anniversary celelbrations. (I post it here in honor of their 7th Anniversary that occurs close to Mother's Day.)

It, also, marks one of my earliest attempts at turning still photos into somthing that looks like a movie, especially the opening & closing which I took one photo and turned it into about five at various levels between color & Black/White (100% opacity at each end, and 25%, 50%, 75% points in between.)

Thanks to Windows Movie Maker 2.0, I made use of the "moving" photo effects to create "old movies" at the transition and the end.

Enjoy! :)