Proud Mama Cow Shows Off Her Newborn Calf

Proud Mama Cow Shows Off Her Newborn Calf

This might be the most heartwarming thing you will see all day. This video involves a proud mama cow showing off her newborn calf!

Typically when you think of heartwarming, you think of cute, fluffy little kittens, or playful puppies with big paws and floppy ears. Sometimes, even cute baby ducklings will go viral. But this time, the video that has gone viral involves a cow who didn’t show up for dinner the night before.

The next day the owner headed over to the pastureland only to find her cow happily trotting her way. As the cow approaches, the owner realizes she had gone off the night before to give birth to her calf.

As the owner calls for the cow to come over, the owner becomes excited as she sees a brand new family member trailing the cow. She calls the cow’s name and she perks up at the owner’s voice and then looks back at her calf as if asking the owner, “Look what I have here, isn’t he beautiful?” The owner is not only happy for her cow but overjoyed at the new little guy.

Believe it or not, cows have very strong maternal instincts. If they can, they will isolate themselves to give birth. Not only is this for safety but it is also a chance for mama and baby to bond. Sometimes if they can’t isolate, other cows may try to claim another’s newborn. If older cows intimidate a heifer, she may not mother her calf. As soon as her baby is born, the mama begins cleaning up the calf and getting it on its feet as soon as possible to ensure survival. She will even start talking to her calf in order for it to learn to get to know her voice. Once mama and baby are doing well, they will rejoin the herd or like this cow--take its newborn for a walk to show off her new pride and joy.

Babies no matter what shape or size remind us how amazing life truly is.

“Parents rejoice when their children turn out well; wise children become proud parents. So make your father happy! Make your mother proud! Dear child, I want your full attention; please do what I show you.” Proverbs 23:24-26

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