Retro-Style Ice Skating Routine Earns Top Scores For Pair

Retro-Style Ice Skating Routine Earns Top Scores For Pair

Check out this retro-style ice skating routine that earns top scores for this ice skating pair!

“In their first performance since last February, Madison Chock and Evan Bates teamed up for the highest scoring rhythm dance in Nationals history,” reads the caption of this YouTube video.

The music that Madison and Evan used for their routine was ‘Too Darn Hot’ by Cole Porter. And their costumes for their performance were so perfect!

The pair looked like they were having so much fun together as they were jumping, twirling, dancing, and skating all around the ice. What talented ice skaters, and what an incredible performance!

“You could see the finesse of the details. You could see all of the choreographic nuances. And because we haven’t seen them compete in so long, it also feels pretty fresh,” shares one judge after watching their routine.

Madison and Evan make skating on ice and the complicated moves that they do look so easy and effortless. And they are always right where the other needs them to be during the performance. They definitely have a great bond and their teamwork shines through in their routine.

“She is absolutely stunning on the ice. There is something about their chemistry that just draws you in. I feel it’s forced at times for other teams, not with them,” comments one person on YouTube after watching the video.

“It’s because of watching skaters like these two that all non-skaters wish they could experience true freedom on the ice,” writes another person online. “I learned long ago when I put on a pair of skates it doesn't just happen. However, it's exhilarating to watch.”

What a graceful and exquisite performance! No wonder this talented ice-skating pair earned top scores! We hope that you enjoyed watching this video and it was able to bring some happiness to your day.

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