Judge Turns At The Last Second For 'Never Alone' Gospel Audition

Judge Turns At The Last Second For 'Never Alone' Gospel Audition

Judges turn at the last second for ‘Never Alone’ gospel audition. And when you hear her last notes, you’ll know why!

It never gets old witnessing Gospel songs being performed on national stages like the TV program The Voice. But for one singer, she didn’t know if it was her song choice or her talent that didn’t seem to move the judges as she waited for one of them to choose her on The Voice.

Payton Lamar sang Never Alone which was written and performed by Tori Kelly and Kirk Franklin. As she gave her all for her performance, all four chairs of the coaches didn’t turn until the last possible moment. Can you imagine the relief she felt as that chair spun around?

The Voice is a show with aspiring singers who audition blind. The four judges are coaches, all noteworthy recording artists. If a coach likes what they hear from contestants like Payton, they press a button to rotate their chairs to signify they are interested in working with that contestant.

At the last possible moment, Blake Shelton gave her his vote. She nearly crumbles to the floor with his acceptance. Even though Gwen didn’t vote for Payton she did give her an honest comment, “You’re going to inspire me. I can already tell.”

And Gwen is so right. Payton Lamar discovered her love of music at a young age and was encouraged by her grandmother to use her God-given talent to sing in the choir at church. She grew up writing her own songs and stepping into her calling. After high school, Payton joined a worship ministry school where she met her husband Matthew. After they were married, they were given an opportunity to travel to Paris to pursue their careers. But once their visas expired, the couple relocated to Tennessee, where Payton launched her own small video production company.

Needless to say, beautiful, soulful things happen when we put our dreams in God’s hands and trust him. Payton’s trust in our amazing God led her to The Voice where she is wowing millions with her Gospel tracks and voice. And the video proves that with more than 300,000 views and counting! You do not want to miss her performance!

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