Teen Returns Home From Hospital And Sees A Cheering Crowd

Teen Returns Home From Hospital And Sees A Cheering Crowd

What a pleasant surprise! A teen returns home from the hospital and sees a cheering crowd.

Having someone waiting for you at home can be quite a nice feeling, especially if you are returning from a long trip away or a stay at the hospital.

One teen came home from the hospital to find many people waiting for her in celebration.

“I love our friendship. Our friendship is always gonna be close. I’m never gonna move on from her. I know she’s never gonna move on from me. We’re gonna have this close friendship,” Keri said.

The teen and star of this video is Keri Fitzgerald. She met her best friend Liege through a program at their high school called Best Buddies.

The program allowed them to spend quality time together inside and outside of school.

Liege shared, “We started hanging out more often. I would take her to like the chorus concerts or out to dinner, like to get ice cream, or just on little drives or just hanging out at her house and we’d have like dance parties or do whatever we wanted or make TikToks.”

A feeling of sisterhood sprang from their growing friendship. Keri’s mother was especially grateful for the development.

Her mother noted that there have been moments in Keri’s life where she felt lacking in her number of friends.

“And there’s times that she feels very isolated. And Liege has accepted her into her life and has tried to do everything she can to make Keri happy,” the mother said.

Part of what makes life a bit challenging for Keri is her diagnosis of Williams Syndrome. The syndrome makes her mentally and physically challenged in various ways that her peers are not.

Keri’s mother added, “Just recently in March 17th, it was St. Patrick’s Day. She started getting another sharp pain and come to find out her lung collapsed again. But this time it was much worse. We almost lost her. I mean, that’s how bad it got at one point.”

Liege wasn’t allowed to visit Keri inside the hospital, but she visited from the outside, standing beyond the window.

Eventually Keri was allowed to go home. Upon her return she found a surprise waiting for her. Liege and Keri’s sister Shannon had organized a big welcome home parade for Keri.

Keri was immediately moved by the sight. Many cars were parked along the curb. Horns honked. Some people stood outside their cars with signs. Others stood on the back of their cars with signs.

“Welcome home sister!” someone shouted.

The event was awe-inspiring and very loving. Keri’s joyful tears clearly agreed.

Friendship has the ability to turn us into stronger people, people more focused on God, people better able to hope in dire circumstances.

May we take this story and allow it to shape us into people with a more Christ-like perspective on friendship.

“A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for a time of adversity.”
(Proverbs 17:17)

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