Classic 'Edelweiss' Performance From Julie Andrews

Classic 'Edelweiss' Performance From Julie Andrews

If there were ever a classic ‘Edelweiss’ performance from Julie Andrews, this was it.

The word classic means to be one of a kind, the highest of a particular standard. Julie has definitely produced classic work over the course of her career.

Julie starred in the classic musical The Sound of Music in 1965 where the song “Edelweiss” originates. In this live performance, she is much older and singing alongside an orchestra.

She looks and sounds a little different in her older age, but still delivers with stunning vocals. Lucky for her fans, this live performance allowed her to sing the full song as opposed to her shorter segment in the musical.

Julie is a star in both England and in America, and has for most of her life lived as a performer. She was born Julia Elizabeth Wells, but her name changed after her mother married her second husband, Ted Andrews.

Her mother was a pianist, and her stepfather was a singer. When Julie was at the tender age of 10 they were all performing together as a family. This is when she adopted her stepfather’s last name.

She debuted on radio in 1946, and later at the age of 12, found herself performing at the London Hippodrome, in the musical Starlight Roof (1947.)

She made her Broadway debut in the year 1954 with the American production The Boy Friend. Work continued to pick up for Julie Andrews over the years. Her talents led to her becoming the nanny in Mary Poppins (1964.)

The following year, she earned another great role as Maria in The Sound of Music. Julie continued to take to the stage sometimes for live-action movies and other times lending her voice to various animations.

All of her accomplishments amounted to her being inducted into the Theater Hall of Fame in 1997. Her career continues into today and some of the films she is featured in may just surprise you.

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