'Elvira' The Oak Ridge Boys Classic Performance

'Elvira' The Oak Ridge Boys Classic Performance

The Oak Ridge Boys sing a rousing rendition of their signature song, ‘Elvria.’ This 1981 hit was originally written by Dallas Frazier in the 1960s. But it wasn’t until the Oak Ridge Boys released their own version of this country tune that it truly took off. It climbed to the top of the Billboard charts and sold over two million units. Now, it’s a song that you can’t help but sing a long with when you hear those iconic lyrics.

“Eyes that look like heaven, lips like sherry wine
That girl can sure enough make my little light shine
I get a funny feelin' up and down my spine
Cause I know that my elvira's mine”

The Oak Ridge Boys are known for their unique blend of country music and gospel. This iconic group consists of Duane Allen singing lead vocals, Joe Bonsall singing the tenor part, William Lee Golden with his baritone voice, and Richard Sterban singing the deep bass part. They all joined the group at different times, but this lineup of men has been a part of the Oak Ridge Boys since 1973. Today, we’re looking back at a live performance of this number-one hit ‘Elvria.’

“So I'm singin'
Elvira, elvira
My heart's on fire elvira
Giddy up oom poppa omm poppa mow mow
Giddy up oom poppa omm poppa mow mow
Heigh-ho silver, away”

Hearing this classic song was just the dose of nostalgia that my heart needed. Who else was singing along with The Oak Ridge Boys?

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