Roma Downey Shares The Stern Warning Della Reese Gave Her Future Husband

Roma Downey shared the stern warning that fellow actress Della Reese gave her future husband.

Roma Downey is a Christian actress best known for the TV series, Touched by an Angel. The popular TV series aired from 1993 to 2003. Roma played the angel, Monica, in this drama, where she was sent to earth to show kindness to those who struggled.

When Roma started the show, she met the most amazing woman who went on to become one of her closest friends, Della Reese. She said that in the show the two characters that the women played, actually reflected how their relationship was off set as well.

One of the first things that she noticed about Della was her kindness towards everyone. ”When she would get called to the set, they would have to give her a fifteen minute warning, because she hugged everybody.” Roma shared on set with the TV show The Real.

Roma shared, “She came in and she hugged everybody, it didn’t matter if you were the janitor, if you were the star, the director. She stopped, and she saw God in everybody.”

Roma also shared her experience of when the two first met. “I remember when I first met her, I’m originally from Ireland, and I can still remember my parents teaching me to stick my hand out, to shake hands, to be polite.I remember the first day that I did that, and she just took her arms and gave me a giant hug.”

One of the other things that Roma shared, while she remembered her friend who passed away, was the first time that Della met Roma’s future husband. “Now when she first met my husband, she took him in her arms, and I just thought they were hugging. She was whispering in his ear, she said to him ‘that’s my baby girl, and if you hurt her, I will have you killed.’”

Della was obviously a great friend to Roma, and we hope this fond memory gave you a chuckle and brightened your day.

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