Toddler Cries Happy Tears After Holding Baby Cousin For The First Time

Toddler Cries Happy Tears After Holding Baby Cousin For The First Time

A toddler cries happy tears after holding her baby cousin for the first time, and it’s one of the sweetest things you’ll see today!

Do you enjoy hugs? Those loving embraces are the perfect way to let someone else know you care. Turns out hugs are a great way to welcome a newborn into the world too. This toddler cries happy tears after holding her sweet baby cousin for the first time.

With expertly gentle hands, the toddler hugs, then kisses the forehead of her baby cousin. The toddler girl is nestled under pillows, humorously like she’s an older woman relaxing on the couch.

And the way she embraces the baby would indicate this child has had plenty of practice. Seriously.

The baby simply rests in the girl’s arms, helpless and innocent.

“She’s so cute,” the woman filming says.

Cute is definitely the way to describe the scene. At one point the toddler looks up at the woman and she smiles. How precious both of them are together.

But that wasn’t the end. Get ready. The camera cuts to a different angle.

And the little girl tears up as she holds the baby. She is crying happy tears.

“She’s so cute?” the woman asks.

The toddler nods her head yes and there we have it. Cuteness overload! (Her tears make me feel a little sensitive as I write this article.)

“You love her?” the woman asks.

Again, the toddler nods her head yes.

“What do you love about her?”

The girl thinks, looking at the baby. She is speechless for a moment. Resting her head on the baby, tearing up some more.

“I love everything about Miley,” the toddler says in an almost indiscernible voice.

The adult repeats what the girl says, but louder. The girl nods in affirmation.

Almost as if she were called, another young toddler girl comes from around the corner onto the scene. She seems excited, but she doesn’t stay. Instead of crashing the party, she makes an appearance and then walks away.

A comical moment toward the end is a good breakaway from the cuteness overload.

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