Musical Family Puts Their Own Spin On 'The Sound Of Music'

Musical Family Puts Their Own Spin On 'The Sound Of Music'

In this fun and creative video, one musical family puts their own comical spin on ‘The Sound of Music.’

The LeBaron family is one talented bunch. According to their YouTube page, they say that they are “just a music loving family from Utah and hope to inspire others to love, laugh, and sing with their families.”

They have a lot of fans online and have been asked to sing ‘The Sound of Music’ by many of them. So, the LeBaron family put together this great video that is sure to leave you smiling!

The video starts off with the family going for a hike with their friend Cory. Then the LeBarons all break into song!

“The hills are alive with the sound of music, with songs they have sung for a thousand years
The hills fill my heart with the sound of music, my heart wants to sing every song it hears”

“Oh, you’re actually singing now,” says Cory, the friend of the family. “You brought a guitar? I feel like I would have noticed it, but…”

As Cory looks confused as the family keeps singing, things get even funnier when the singers start to wear costumes that resemble what the Von Trapp family wore when performing in The Sound of Music.

The LeBaron family keeps on beautifully and dramatically singing the song as they hold on to trees and stand in front of a rushing river behind them. At the end of the video, the family wakes up their friend Cory who is seen lying on the ground.

“Are you ok? You fell and hit your head!” says one of the LeBarons.

“Yeah. I just had a dream that you all were singing and wearing lederhosen,” says Cory.

“No, that did happen,” says another LeBarons. “But you collapsed a few measures before the end.”

What a creative and wonderful video! It was great comedy alongside a stunning performance by the LeBaron family! We hope you enjoyed it!

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