'Your Voice' Acoustic Performance And Song Story From Josh Baldwin

'Your Voice' Acoustic Performance And Song Story From Josh Baldwin

Check out this music video of an acoustic performance of Josh Baldwin’s song ‘Your Voice’ from his album Evidence.

“Even the wind, even the waves obey, even the stars, even the skies cry out Your praise
You speak and it is done, You are the only One, even the wind, even the waves obey
Your voice is power, Your voice is louder
Your voice is drowning out the others like a mighty wave, oh what a sweet sound
My heart is free now, all of my fears go running when they hear the sound of Your voice”

At the beginning of the video, Josh Baldwin’s wife shares a testimony about dealing with anxiety. She goes on to say that Josh came home after work that day and played her ‘Your Voice,’ the song that he was working on that day in the studio.

“He pressed play, and I immediately started bawling,” she said. The lyrics reminded her of the truth that anchors her. “His voice will always be louder than anything that is trying to discourage us, anything that is trying to put us down. His voice and His song over us is really the soundtrack of our lives.”

What an incredible reminder. And what a beautiful and encouraging song! It is filled with so much truth and reminds us of God’s perfect peace that we all have access to.

The peaceful message of the song is even seen in the setting of the music video. It starts off with Josh Baldwin playing his acoustic guitar as he sings ‘Your Voice’ on the beach with the sun setting in the distance. It is such a lovely video to watch as well as listen to.

We hope that you enjoyed ‘Your Voice’ by Josh Baldwin and it was able to uplift and encourage you today.

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