Children's Choir Shares Uplifting Message With 'Dream'

Children's Choir Shares Uplifting Message With 'Dream'

Listen to this beautiful song called ‘Dream’ that is performed by the One Voice Children’s Choir.

“Deep in our dreams where the whispers are real. Words softly spoken, voices we feel.
Calling us higher than we've ever flown, giving us wings to a world yet unknown.
Just dream, come with me and dream! Putting all the fears behind you, tears that blind you,
Chains that make you scream. Just dream. The burdens of life steal our purpose and peace.
Broken and angry we cry for relief. Dreaming inspires us to reach for the stars,
Healing our wounds and removing the scars.”

What a lovely song with such an uplifting message. And the vocals in the video are beautiful – from the soloist as well as the chorus!

“Most of us have recently faced hard times, but we want to continue living with optimism and hope,” writes the One Voice Children’s Choir in the caption of this YouTube video. “We dream of making the world and ourselves better one step at a time. Great things always start with a dream.”

The talented choir is singing in such a beautiful setting, and they are all dressed up in coordinating outfits. It is such a lovely video with all of the children singing and exploring the picturesque wooded setting.

“This was heavenly. Soloist was a great choice and the harmony was an absolute pleasure to listen. Keep up the good work,” writes one person on YouTube after watching the video.

“What a beautiful video. The music, the vocals, the videography!” comments another person online. “One Voice makes the world a better place! Thank you so much!”

We hope that you enjoyed this wonderful video and that the talented voices of the One Voice Children’s Choir were able to uplift you in some way today!

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