Siblings Sing 'Peace In Christ' Classic Hymn

Siblings Sing 'Peace In Christ' Classic Hymn

Three sisters sing ‘Peace in Christ’ classic hymn in this beautiful music video that also features their young brother.

At some point, we all face circumstances that are unsettling and take us out of our comfort zones. Whether you’re facing a big decision, or test results from a recent doctor’s visit, or having a tough conversation with your spouse, God’s peace can help you find the strength and comfort you need to combat all uncertainty. .

When you’re ready to face these situations head on the Bible as a source for finding peace because God provides so many things this world cannot. He gives us shelter in the storms of life. He gives us hope in the darkest hour and he gives us peace that surrpasses all understanding; and four siblings sing, ‘Peace In Christ,’ classic hymn that washes your soul in peace.

There is peace in Christ
When we learn of Him
Feel the love He felt for us

Typically when one thinks of siblings, bickering, fighting, and sibling rivalry come to mind but not for the Childs’ family, all four siblings, Ellie (17), Kate (16), Morgan (12) and William (8) of the One Voice Children's Choir.

They truly love to sing about peace and they absolutely love sharing our Savior's love through music. Their hope is that this video has brought a small measure of peace to each of our daily lives.

The video captures the sisters' sweet, serenading melodies as the film follows their little brother Will as he walks through a garden filled with sculptures of Christ. Each sculpture is a poignant moment in the three years of Jesus’ ministry like healing the blind woman, talking to the woman at the well, and many others.

It’s beautiful how the arrangement of the song plays on the moments of Jesus’ life on this earth. But as the song crescendos to the end, their little brother Will joins the melody. It is a touching and refreshing way of learning the peace of Christ out of the mouths of children.

“And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.” Philippians 4:7

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