Chris Tomlin Shares The Story Behind 'Who You Are To Me'

Chris Tomlin Shares The Story Behind 'Who You Are To Me'

Chris Tomlin shares the story behind the song ‘Who You Are To Me’ and the writing process that he went through with Lady A.

Chris Tomlin was talking with the band members in the country group Lady A about how it would be great to all collaborate on a song together.

“I had never written with them, and I went over to Dave’s house to sit down and write a song,” Chris shares. “And there’s just sometimes where songs just write themselves. Most songs for me, we work at it and work at it and work at it, you know, always editing and always making it better. And then there’s sometimes when it falls right out of heaven. I mean, it’s just so fast. And this is one of the fastest songs I think, we wrote this whole thing in an hour and we were done.”

He goes on to talk about how much fun the group had while they were writing the song together and how they were high-fiving and celebrating after they completed the song. He then explains the meaning of the song and what influenced the lyrics.

“The heart behind what this song is about is this idea, for so many people, they think of God, they think of these crazy Bible stories or they think of these Sunday school things…they think of God as these big cathedrals. That’s where God is, in these big cathedrals. There’s so much of that,” Chris says.

“What I love about this song is our lives are changed when we realize that personal relationship with God. And we realize who He is to us personally. He’s more than just words on a page. He’s more than just these big cathedrals. He meets us right where we are. In all of our fear, in all of our doubt. God’s not scared of any of it. In our deepest place of hurt…we realize the grace of God. He’s the one that pulls us out. That’s who God is to us…we tried to capture that in this song.”

And what a special song it is! It is wonderful to hear how Chris Tomlin and Lady A used their talents to write a song to remind others of God’s great love.

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