2-Time Olympian Shevon Nieto Brings The Tears With Original Audition

2-Time Olympian Shevon Nieto Brings The Tears With Original Audition

In this video from America’s Got Talent, a 2-time Olympian named Shevon Nieto brings the tears when she auditions with an original song.

Shevon is a 37-year-old who was born in Jamaica, grew up in New York, and now resides in California. She is a professional runner and has been passionate about the sport since she joined the track team at the start of high school. She even competed in the 2004 Olympics in Athens, Greece and then again in the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, China.

But in 2016, Shevon got a phone call that changed her life. She had found out that her boyfriend Jamie, now husband, got into a jumping accident and left him paralyzed from the chest down. He was a high jumper and also a 2-time Olympic athlete.

“When I got to the hospital, he was laying there and he could no longer move,” Shevon says through tears as she shares about that tragic day. “Jamie just kept saying, ‘I’m sorry.’ He felt like he messed up our dream. But I said, ‘I’m use to challenges.’”

And during this challenging time, Shevon has found a lot of comfort in music. She started writing songs for Jamie, and these songs moved him so much. Because Jamie recognized his wife’s talent, he encouraged her to try out for America’s Got Talent.

“I would like the world to know, I married the woman that storybooks talk about,” Jamie sweetly says about his wife before she goes up on stage to sing in front of the judges.

Shevon performs her original song titled ‘Through The Good And The Bad,’ and it is one that describes her relationship with Jamie and her deep love for him. It is such a beautiful and touching song, and the judges are clearly moved by the lyrics and her talent. What a wonderful voice she has!

May God continue to bless this couple and the beautiful love that they share!