The Centurion's Nightmare of the Crucifixion

This video is a scene in our church's Easter Drama this year. It depicts a vision/nightmare the centurion who oversees the crucifixion has, the one who says "surely this man was the Son of God"

I think we often "sanitize" the day Jesus dies on the cross and redeems our sins because it is too difficult to watch or even think of. Imagine for a minute, how much punishment must He have endured to atone for every sin by every man/woman/child since the beginning of time until the day He returns.

Wouldn't be a shame if we don't accept this gift given to us and needlessly carry our sins, guilt and shame to our death.

I say we embrace the cross and embrace Jesus with full gratitude and give him the honor He deserves. The images depicted are indeed hard to watch but I make myself watch them so I can connect to Jesus in awe and thanksgiving for his incredible gift.

The good news is in a couple days we replace these images with those of a risen Savior on Easter.

The centurion was transformed on Good Friday by what he saw. Maybe you will too!

If you would like to see the drama visit Sunrise Ministries Podcast on Itunes after Easter!

Scenes are taken from "The Passion of The Christ" by Mel Gibson

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