4th of July Children's Sermon Object Lesson "Freedom in Christ"

4th of July Children's Sermon Object Lesson 'Freedom in Christ'

Happy Independence Day! In this video, we will connect the Fourth of July holiday with a much greater celebration: our freedom from sin, and life in Christ. This message reminds children that Jesus has promised to carry our burdens and care for us. All we have to do is trust His love...it's free!

Use this children's sermon object lesson to teach about Freedom from Sin. It's perfect for the 4th of July or any other patriotic holiday. Download the message notes below and watch our example object lesson as you prepare.




Main Objective: In the United States, freedom is a valued concept. The Fourth of July is celebrated yearly with great enthusiasm, as Americans honor independence and remember what it means to be free…in theory, anyway. It also turns into an excuse for barbecues and fireworks, but the primary purpose involves national pride. This message uses the holiday as a launching point to discuss what it means that we are free in Jesus. Not only do we have freedom from sin, we also have free will to choose following the Lord. He does not force our love, but offers His as a free and beautiful gift that will improve and enhance our lives.







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