'The Healer' Movie Trailer Starring Camilla Luddington And Oliver Jackson-Cohen

'The Healer' Movie Trailer Starring Camilla Luddington And Oliver Jackson-Cohen

Be inspired by the incredible story of ‘The Healer’ starring Camilla Luddington and Oliver Jackson-Cohen.

‘The Healer’ is a dramatic comedy written, produced and directed by Paco Arango. The film follows Alec Bailey, an electrical engineer at a crossroads in his life after losing his parents and twin brother.

Alec has become careless with his life, money and relationships leading to thousands of dollars of debt and collectors ready to reclaim their money. But suddenly, Alec’s uncle enters the picture and offers to pay off all of Alec’s debt if he agrees to move to Nova Scotia, Canada for a whole year.

Once he arrives in the small town, Alec looks for work by putting an ad in the local paper. But a mix up causes the townspeople to think that Alec is a doctor and can ‘fix anyone.’ People show up hoping for a cure to their ailments, including a young girl with cancer and her parents who refuse to give up hope.

Along the way, Alec meets a woman named Cecilia and creates a bond with the teen cancer patient. Through love, loss and faith, we find out the true secret behind Alec’s healing powers and how this gift changes his entire life.

‘The Healer’ was originally released in 2016, with all net proceeds benefiting Seriousfun children’s network, an organization dedicated to helping critically ill young people. Today, you can view ‘The Healer’ on all streaming platforms and enjoy this heartfelt story in the comfort of your own home. Starring Camilla Luddington, Oliver Jackson-Cohen, Jorge Garcia and Jonathan Pryce, this film is sure to be that the whole family will enjoy.

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