Loving Dog Becomes Adopted Mom To Stray Cat

Loving Dog Becomes Adopted Mom To Stray Cat

In this adorable video, a family encountered a stray kitten that decided to come home with them. But the real surprise came when their loving dog adopted the kitten as her own baby!

When they first saw the stray kitten on the street, the family instructed their German Shepherd, Toast, to be gentle. The tiny kitten latched on to this act of kindness from the large pup and decided to follow the family and walked right into their home!

Toast immediately started mothering the poor kitten. When the kitten began exploring, Toast helped her go up stairs, get on furniture and even protected the baby from danger. When the kitten wandered too close to the family pool for Toast’s liking, the protective mama lifted the cat up by the nap of her neck and gently brought her to safety back where the family was sitting.

The very heartwarming footage goes on to show more of how lovingly Toast took care of the kitten. When Toast was fed, the hungry kitten didn’t just step in to eat some of the food--she actually climbed right into the bowl and began hungrily gobbling up all the food! But Toast seemed to sense that the kitten needed the food more than she did. The hungry pup waited patiently in the background for her turn to eat.

With everything the pair do together you can tell the care and patience that Toast has. It was discovered that the kitten slept in between Toast’s legs to keep warm as well. “I saw the cat grabbing Toast, and I was like that's the movement of breastfeeding.” The kitten began to try to breastfeed off of Toast. According to Toast’s doctor it was normal and was what was known as a stress pregnancy.

Toast carries the kitten, now called Lucie, around by the tuft on the nap of her neck, and it's obvious that Toast is in her element as the mama who keeps her baby safe. The relationship between Toast and Lucie will continue to grow, and one day the kitten will grow into a wonderful cat all thanks to the unique love from a mama dog that raised her.