1-Year-Old Hears Mom's Voice For The Very First Time

1-Year-Old Hears Mom's Voice For The Very First Time

In this heartwarming video, a 1-year-old boy hears his mom’s voice for the very first time and his reaction is priceless!

Baby Maison was born in Richmond, VA and arrived 4 months premature. He only weighed one pound at birth, but he is a fighter and continued to grow while he spent 158 days in the NICU.

His family members and the doctors and nurses taking care of Maison in the NICU started to notice something was off during his time there. They began to realize that Maison was not able to hear them. But recently, at VCU Children’s Hospital, Maison was able to hear for the first time.

He was getting fitted for his hearing aids, and while he was sitting on his mother’s lap, his first reaction to her voice was caught on camera! Lauren, Maison’s mother, starts to talk to him and his face just lights up! He starts to smile in the cutest way and even laughs a little bit.

“That was wonderful to see. It was like he was waiting for this moment!” comments one person on YouTube after watching Maison’s reaction.

“He's adorable and is such a pleasant baby. Some babies cry when they hear voices for the first time, but this little guy is an undaunted little trooper,” writes another person on YouTube after seeing the video. “I wish him and his family the best that life has to offer.”

Maison can’t get enough of his new hearing aids, and his mother explains how she knows that he loves them so much. “Maison is so thrilled to be able to hear everything now,” she shares. “He just can’t take his eyes off of whoever is speaking.”

God bless this sweet boy and thank goodness for the technology that lets him hear the voices of his loved ones!

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