Adorable Cow Tries To Run Just Like The Horses

Adorable Cow Tries To Run Just Like The Horses

In this sweet and funny video, an adorable cow tries to keep up and run just like the horses.

"My bottle calf Annabelle trying to keep up with her herd," writes the person who owns the animals in the caption of the YouTube video. The scene took place in Mountain View, Arkansas.

As the majestic horses come running through the beautiful field, you see them run almost out of view before the cow, Annabelle, tries to catch up with them! It is a pretty funny sight to see the cow trying to keep up with the galloping herd. But she is trying her hardest and it looks like she is not going to let anything stop her!

Even though she is pulling up the rear, Annabelle the cow still keeps persisting. Now isn’t that a lesson that we can take to heart! No matter if people are ahead of you or if it looks like things are happening in other people’s lives and not yours, that does not mean that you have to give up. Whether it is a relationship or a promotion or a baby or any other life milestone, every one of us is on a different path of life and we should not look at it like a race. Your time will come in God’s timing!

Annabelle the cow also helps to remind us that God made us all differently, but He made us exactly who we are supposed to be. While horses were made to be faster than cows, that doesn’t mean that cows can’t run! We can all achieve things in different ways, and that is okay! We all have our own gifts and were created to shine in this world with the gifts and talents that God uniquely gave us. May we always remember that!