Sweet Toddler Gives Grandma A Helping Hand Down The Hallway

Sweet Toddler Gives Grandma A Helping Hand Down The Hallway

A sweet toddler gave her grandma a helping hand walking down the hallway, and there’s no wonder the video went viral.

Parents and grandparents are familiar with asking kids to do their chores, so they appreciate the moments when children volunteer. There’s one child gaining a sense of responsibility early and he’s doing something even better than a chore.

“May I give you a hand?” I imagine the sweet child asking his grandmother.

He takes one step at a time, patiently accompanying her as she follows slowly behind. His grandma walks with one hand clasped with his. Her other hand holds onto a cane and carried her purse.

“He’s helping me,” the grandmother says as she walks behind.

“Are you a good boy?” his mother asks him from behind the camera.

He is so humble he doesn’t respond. He doesn’t even crack a smile. The boy’s focus is on helping grandma.

“What a gentleman. He gets the picture,” grandma adds.

The toddler lets go of her hand only after they reach the doorway.

“Thank you,” grandma tells him, “You’re such a nice boy.”

“Good boy!” his mother speaks with glee.

This mother is clearly raising her son to care for others. His love for others is starting at home, and prayerfully will follow him everywhere else he goes.

The Bible speaks to child rearing. What children learn from birth will impact their lives later.

“Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it.” (Proverbs 22:6)

This beautiful story is encouragement to do our own work in teaching children the way of Christ, and is an important reminder to reflect upon. Can we perform small gestures for others? Maybe hold the door for someone, call someone on the phone, or just give a friendly “hello” to a neighbor. One small act can leave a lasting impact.

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