Woman Issues Warning After Suffering Severe Burns From Her Hand Sanitizer Catching Fire

Woman Issues Warning After Suffering Severe Burns From Her Hand Sanitizer Catching Fire

A woman is sharing a warning with others after she suffered severe burns when her hand sanitizer caught fire!

We’ve come to rely on cleaning supplies to keep us safe and healthy, especially during these trying times. Hand sanitizer is in high demand these days in order to protect us from disease when we can’t wash our hands.

In this story uploaded on Youtube, a woman was hospitalized after her hand sanitizer set her on fire. She had bad burns that were on her face, legs, hands and stomach.

Katie Wise was at home with her kids, about to watch a movie with them, when she decided to apply some hand sanitizer. After she rubbed the sanitizer into her hands, she took out a lighter, and lit a candle.

Unfortunately, this dire mistake caught multiple parts of her body to be affected by a fiery blaze. In an interview with Inside Edition, they asked her if she knew that hand sanitizer would be flammable, she said, “to be honest with you, I have never thought about it.”

She then went on to say, “It just lit my entire hand, and forearm on fire. The whole bottle just exploded all over me.” She added, “my entire body from my hair, to my toes was just engulfed in flames.”

Even though Katie was badly burned, her children came first. She took them outside while their house was on fire to lead them to safety.

The Assistant Fire Marshal from Nassau County, New York reported that right after the application of hand sanitizer, flammable vapors develop. He then goes on to give some safety tips, and what to avoid.

Make sure that you buy a reliable brand of sanitizer, and make sure you are away from open flames right after use.

“Katie then goes on to say, “I’m just extremely lucky to be alive.”

We can all remember to use extra caution after applying hand sanitizer and learn a lesson from Katie’s experience in order to stay safe.

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