Caring Gorilla Helps Injured Bird

Caring Gorilla Helps Injured Bird

Would you believe this caring gorilla helps an injured bird?

Animals can surprise you, especially when animals get along that you wouldn’t expect.

Over in New South Wales, Australia, one friendly gorilla takes notice of an injured bird inside his enclosure. The gorilla walks some distance over to where the injured bird is laying. All the while, a family catches the incident on camera.

The gorilla nudges the bird a bit, seemingly to try and get it to move and fly away. Despite the attempts, the bird does not move at all.

When he realizes the bird isn’t moving, the gorilla lays down by the bird, confirming his suspicion and maybe checking for breathing. The gorilla’s actions resemble one person checking another person who is unconscious as they listen for breathing or other vital signs.

With the bird not moving still, the gorilla sits up and glances around momentarily. He touches the bird more firmly this time. Miraculously, the bird moves, fluttering its wings. This surprises the gorilla and the people filming.

The gorilla touches the bird a little more, causing more movement in the bird. The bird doesn’t keep moving though and at times is simply still. The gorilla tries to lift the bird up on his finger like a scene out of a Tarzan or King Kong movie.

The bird will not move much despite the gorilla’s attempts. What makes the video funny is that he goes back to inspecting the bird, trying to figure out what is keeping the bird in place.

He doesn’t know the bird likely has an injured wing or leg. With all of his efforts, the gorilla tires and walks away, not harming the bird and minding its own business again.

“How awesome was that?” one of the women behind the camera asks.

The incident is awesome indeed. How fascinating, witnessing acts of love not just with people, but also the animals the Lord has created.

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