'I Need A Ghost' Brandon Lake Of Bethel Music

'I Need A Ghost' Brandon Lake Of Bethel Music

Brandon Lake from Bethel Music performs his new song ‘I Need A Ghost’ in this official music video.

“I don't need the smoke or mirrors 'cause I know there's a God who's real
I don't need the lights to fool me 'cause I have seen the God who heals
I know when I ask I'll receive it 'cause You're not a God who withholds
I hear You say, "Just believe me"
I need a Holy Ghost, awaken in my soul
I need a love that glows, rattling my bones 'til the evidence shows
I need a Holy Ghost, awaken in my soul
I need a heart on fire that'll never grow tired wherever I go”

Brandon Lake's newest single ‘I Need A Ghost’ is from his upcoming album House of Miracles, and it is an empowering worship song full of that rock and roll vibe.

“Hey friends and fam. Some context for the song you’re about to hear. The song is about THE Holy Ghost because there’s only one Holy Ghost,” Brandon shares about the video on YouTube. “The song is a personal one written from a place in the past realizing I needed something more than the world can offer. And realizing it’s the power and the relationship of the Holy Spirit. Hope you enjoy it.”

“I am amazed by this song,” writes one fan on YouTube about the music video. “Lyrics, music, arrangement, interpretation…the way the song grows and surprises. Congratulations Brandon and Bethel!”

“This song just became my absolute favorite!” comments another person on YouTube. “How humbling is it to admit that we need the Holy Ghost. With so many addictions flying around this world, I choose the love of Christ to make me feel alive. Because that is the only infatuation that will never leave me weary but will strengthen me!”

We hope you enjoyed this amazing song and it encouraged you today!

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