Dog Adorably Confused by Mirror While Playing Hide-And-Seek

Dog Adorably Confused by Mirror While Playing Hide-And-Seek

In this adorable video, one dog is confused by a mirror while playing hide-and-seek with his owner.

Moose is a 10-month-old Golden Retriever and was recently playing a fun game of hide-and-seek with his owners Shane and Lindsay. You can see in the video how Moose is frantically looking around for Shane, and once you see the reaction that Moose has on his face towards the end, you’ll see why this video went viral!

During the game, Shane decides to hide in the bathroom, and he takes out his phone to record a video of Moose trying to find him. Moose excitedly enters the room looking for him with his tail wagging. He comes through the door and then darts towards the bathtub in hope of finding Shane! Moose then turns around and sees a glimpse of Shane in the mirror. But he is unsure of what he is seeing and has to pause to process it at first. It is so funny because you can see the wheels turning in the dog’s head by the expression that he is making while looking in the mirror!

Those few seconds of disbelief on the dog’s face are sure to make you smile. But Moose soon gets what is going on and quickly turns to catch Shane and win the game of hide-and-seek!

It is interesting to think about how dogs understand the world and if they get how mirrors work. But with Moose only being 10 months old, he is still a young pup, and human babies also don’t really begin to understand mirrors until about 18-24 months of age. Either way, the look of confusion on Moose’s face was so adorable and such a cute thing to witness.

We hope this video brought a smile to your face and uplifted your spirits!