12 Little House On The Prairie Clips That Left Us In Tears

12 Little House On The Prairie Clips That Left Us In Tears

Enjoy these 12 nostalgic clips from Little House On The Prairie that left the audience in tears.

For nearly 10 years, Little House On The Prairie brought families together each week as they watched The Ingalls navigate life in the late 1880s. The beloved show first premiered on September 11, 1974 on the NBC network and went on until 1982. The show won multiple Emmy awards and made Michael Landon and Melissa Gilbert household names.

Michael starred as the patriarch of the family, Charles Ingalls and Melissa was his free-spirited daughter, Laura Ingalls. Set on a small farm in Minnesota, each episode followed the family through hardships and triumphs during in the American West.

If you watched the television show, you probably remember laughing, smiling and even crying along with The Ingalls.

Today, we’re taking a look back at some of the most famous scenes from the program that had us all reaching for the tissues. For example, the terrifying moment when Mary loses her sight and cries out for her father. As they share an emotional embrace, Mary clings to her dad for his help and comfort.

Then, there is the scene where Michael and Laura must say goodbye to the family dog, Jack. This is one moment that truly resonates with so many viewers as we have walked through this same experience.

Lastly, there is the touching moment where Michael says ‘farewell’ to his home and Laura. There are so many memorable scenes in this show and this was just the dose of nostalgia that I needed today.

Could you make it through them all without tearing up? I know I couldn’t!

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