Uncle Si Finally Shares His Secret Tea Recipe

Uncle Si Finally Shares His Secret Tea Recipe

Lovable Uncle Si is back and he is finally sharing his top-secret tea recipe.

You probably remember this camo-clad hunter from his appearances on the A&E show, Duck Dynasty. The hit television program ran from 2012 to 2017 with eleven total seasons.

Set in West Monroe, Louisiana, we met The Robertson family and learned all about their growing duck-calling business. From Miss Kay’s cooking to Willie’s hilarious ideas, there was always something going on in this close-knit family. But one family member that stood out among the rest was Uncle Si.

Uncle Si served in the United States Army during The Vietnam War. He retired from the army in 1993 and started working for his brother, Phil, making duck calls for Duck Commander.

On a normal day, you could find Si at the office telling stories, using his signature phrases ‘Jack!’ and ‘Hey!’ and drinking some iced tea from a green Tupperware cup. Uncle Si’s tea was so popular that he even had his own lookalike cup released to the public. “Most people drink coffee. I drink tea. And it’s not hot.”

Now, Uncle Si is sharing that iconic tea recipe with the world and it wouldn’t be Uncle Si if he didn’t add in a bit of storytelling. You’ll laugh along as he recalls appearing on the Doctor Oz show and discussing healthy habits.

Uncle Si is definitely a character and I loved catching up with him during this unique cooking lesson. Who else is an iced tea lover?