6 Adorable Toddler Moments That Went Viral

6 Adorable Toddler Moments That Went Viral

“Listen. Listen, Linda.” the feisty little toddler said. You remember that adorable viral video! Kids can say some of the funniest, meanest, and sweetest things. They carry with them a level of honesty we sometimes wish other adults would show. That being said, they can get themselves in some pretty crazy situations. And after all is said and done, kids can give us some great laughs. Here are 6 adorable toddler moments that went viral.

Video #1 “Gimme some water”

Everyone can relate to the sensation of hot food in your mouth. The boy looks silly as he opens his mouth for some cooling after eating a hot chicken nugget.

Of course he’s dramatic, but he’s cute while he does it.

Video #2 “Better go potty”

This sweet little girl is making sure her mom is doing what she is supposed to - going to potty. We drill certain ideas into our kids. Only fair that they do the same to us from time to time. Right?

Mom has to wait for the girl to leave the room, replying, “Yes ma’am,” as her daughter slowly leaves. The girl has to reinforce her ideas before leaving, just to make sure Mom understands.

Can’t blame her for being thorough. This child will be well-equipped if she ever becomes a parent.

Video #3 “Lemme see your mouth”

Watch out for what your children put their hands on. Scratch that. Watch out for what children put their mouths on.

If kids aren’t looking for something to chew, they still can’t help but explore their surroundings.

Her mom asked “What did you do?”

Her daughter lifts up her hands, unsure of what to say. The evidence speaks for itself.

Maybe the daughter is considering if she should confess on tape. Eventually she does, full with smiles, despite the mother’s make-up being smeared even on the wall.

“Daddy’s fault,” the mother concludes looking at the sleeping father.

Video #4 Firstborn

Of all the reasons to cry, wanting to be the firstborn has to be one of the funniest. In her own childish way, the little girl says, “I wanted to be the first one to pop out of your tummy!”

Hilarious and strange. If only she knew the burden of being the firstborn, maybe she would change her mind.

She didn’t want to be the last, but she is the only girl. That’s special. Her tears are so genuine, and so precious.

Video #5 Guilty Gibberish

“What did you do?” the father asks. That’s a logical question after seeing a cloud of white dust on the floor, and his son with the same stuff on his hands.

The comedy happens when the boy responds.

[Insert gibberish]. The boy is laughing before responding. He knows he is guilty, but come on, guilt is what you feel when doing wrong. He was having fun!

Video #6 Deep Breaths

Children are considered dramatic because they don’t control their emotions like adults. A bit of tender love and care goes a long way.

I’ve never seen a child take deep breaths to calm down like this one. She may have felt that breath in her soul, not just her lungs,

“I’m okay.” “I’m strong.” “I’m loved.” “I’m beautiful,” she says reaffirming herself as she copies her mother’s words.

Her unsolicited thank you at the end shows a very Godly love at work in their relationship.

Let’s face it, God is in all of the children, even if they don’t know it. After all, Jesus asked us to be like them--the children

Jesus said, "Leave the children alone, and don't try to keep them from coming to me, because the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these." Matthew 19:14

What can you do today to get in touch with our more childish side? Maybe you can be more teachable, more forgiving, more vulnerable with others, and laugh a whole lot more. We like to teach kids, but maybe they can teach us too.