'The Fullest' Josh Groban And Kirk Franklin

'The Fullest' Josh Groban And Kirk Franklin

Listen to this beautiful song called ‘The Fullest’ by Josh Groban and featuring Kirk Franklin.

“Lately underneath this darkened sky, a spark has finally come to life
And washed over me, steer me from out of this delusive night
I got so much time for wild surprises, I can't hold them anymore
But how much this could mean to me, I can only imagine
Just how deeply we perceive all the colors that we found”

This inspirational and uplifting song is from Josh Groban’s new album called Harmony. What a phenomenal voice Josh has, and Kirk Franklin’s vocals plus a gospel choir in the background help raise this song up even more.

When Josh Groban was interviewed about how he brought Kirk Franklin into the song process, this is what he shared.

“I wrote basically everything but the bridge. Then I was connected to Kirk Franklin, who I've loved his music forever. Whatever religion you are, it's impossible not to feel amazing when you listen to Kirk's spirituality in his music and what he infuses. And so I thought, this is a song that is about making sure you've lived your life to the fullest, and that…on that day you look back and realize you did things the right way and you treated people well, and you treated yourself well,” Josh said. “So, I sent it to him and he's going 'I got an idea for the bridge.' And then he sent the bridge, and recorded the choir in Texas, and worked with an amazing producer named Fede -- another person I had not worked with before, who’s worked with Coldplay and all these other people.”

Fans of Josh Groban shared their thoughts about his new song online. “This collaboration with Kirk Franklin, a genius from gospel circles, is now my new anthem,” comments one person on YouTube. “Mr. Groban, you never disappoint, you always enrich when you tap your creative spirit. I have died and been resurrected to a new life with this song. Love, love, love!”

We hope that you enjoyed listening to this new song and it was able to encourage you today!

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