Will Pets be in Heaven?

Will my pet by in heaven? We ask several Catalyst Conference attendees in Atlanta, Georgia that question. See what they have to say.


For far too long, we’ve talked about heaven as if it were a dream or someplace that only exists in fairytales. We want to believe it’s real, but with such an expanse of contradictory information, it’s difficult to know what to believe.

To add even more confusion, we are left to sift through the tales of individuals who have crossed over and returned. With so many competing narratives and accounts based on what many think are beyond-death experiences, wouldn’t it be nice to have a straight forward examination of what the Bible has to say about heaven?

Best-selling author and New Testament scholar Scot McKnight thought so too, which is why he wrote The Heaven Promise. -

See more at: http://waterbrookmultnomah.com/catalog.php?isbn=9781601426284#sthash.3MmThKVo.dpuf

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