Finding Your Hero Kickstarter

Finding Your Hero by Dr. Jamie Schwandt available at Kickstarter is a children’s book about succeeding as a foster child. Written for foster children by a former foster child.

Finding Your Hero shares a positive message about the great possibilities of foster care. The book follows a young boy named Jamie, who has faced tragedy and neglect in his biological home and moves into his foster care journey. Through his journey he finds community members who become his mentors…his heroes…..his superheroes.

Dr. Schwandt is an advocate for foster children. He published first book: Succeeding as a Foster Child, a road map to success in 2014. He travels the country speaking about leadership and how to help young people in our foster care system Dream Big, Think Positive, and Take Action in their lives.

He lived the stereotypical life of a child placed in foster care. His parents were neglectful, abused drugs and alcohol, and failed to provide for even his basic needs. His life was forever changed when he was placed into foster care. His foster parents, teachers, coaches, and social workers are truly his personal superheroes. They showed him how to succeed by investing their time and energy into his personal development.

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