The God Of All Comfort - A Sermon by Pastor Jeffrey Schmeider

The God Of All Comfort :

A Sermon by Pastor Jeffrey Schmeider.

"Jesus Christ Is Our Divine Comforter."


Christian puppetry is a form of Christian ministry and entertainment through puppetry.

The Muppets gave puppetry a whole new look and life in the mid-twentieth century. "Puppet-Fever" engulfed Americans. With the new public interest in puppetry, both in America and worldwide, Christians began to see the potential in this art form.

Beginning then and continuing to this day, churches in nearly every Christian denomination have started small puppet groups. Usually such groups' purpose is to serve their own children's ministry programs, but some reach outside their own walls, performing for other churches or secular venues. Some teams travel internationally to third-world countries, where children and adults have neither experienced this kind of entertainment, nor heard about Jesus Christ.

Christian Puppetry has grown so large that thousands of performers gather yearly at festivals to showcase, share,
and learn more about their art form.

Ephesians 2 : 10 ~ 1 Peter 4 : 11

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